Edinburgh University Quiz Society was founded to promote quizzing across the University, organise events for every skill level as well as regularly participate in quizzes in the city. All society activities are run under our constitution.

We host regular events throughout the academic year: we host tournament style buzzer quizzes weekly to test your quizzing metal and more laid back monthly pub quizzes featuring fun rounds written by our own society members. As well as this we host ScotBowl, an annual quiz tournament that sees quizzers from all across the UK battle it out in tense “University Challenge” style rounds.

Our Committee

Eve Davies President 3rd year Lingusitics "I love quizzing, but I suck a quizzing"
Connor Lilliott Secretary 3rd year Cognitive Science "Fish or Fowl?"
Owen Fuller Social Secretary 3rd year Mathematics "Big beats are best beats"
Matt Booth Buzzer Quiz Officer 4th year Mathematics "I will never log off"
Tom Keight Social Secretary 2nd year Psychology "Attempting to realise my dream of becoming a poker pro"
Natascha Dámaso Publicity Officer 3rd year Immunology "Bad at filling pancakes, good at eating them"
Freddie Bawden Webmaster 3rd year Informatics "accidentially yells answer in excitement"

The Edinburgh University Quiz Society operates in line with our consitution.